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The Member's Area gives you access to a special private website. On there, you will find:
A private forum to share with us and the other members of our active community.
Visual Paleo Cheat Sheets to help you understand the important aspects of nutrition to optimize your health.
Receive constant new perks for being part of the tribe. New Cheat Sheets are added over time if you stay a member.
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When you’re trying to meet ambitious health goals, social support can be the difference between holding on and giving up, the link between theory and practice, and the safety net that keeps one bad day from turning into a downward spiral. 
Unfortunately, that social support can very be hard to find – especially for people who don’t have any Paleo friends in “real life.” And that’s why we’re so thrilled to finally unveil the Paleo Leap Members’ Area
The Members’ Area is a stable community for people who are serious about Paleo health and willing to invest in their own health. In the forums, you can troubleshoot your specific problems, get some fresh perspectives on the issue, and figure out solutions that work for you. You can share your Paleo in-jokes, ask for help when times get tough, and then lend a hand to other people when they need a boost. 
Members also get exclusive content including Cheat Sheets that translate science into specific recipes and menus to help you achieve your health goals. And our moderator team of Paleo veterans is available to give you the full benefit of their experience and know-how. It’s the perfect way get the support and encouragement of a Paleo community, no matter who or where you are.
Imagine you’re trying to find Paleo sources of calcium. Which one of these sentences helps you more?
Sentence 1: With approximately 200mg per 100g of fish, and an absorption rate of roughly 27%, bone-in canned fish represents an important non-dairy source of calcium. 
Sentence 2: Salmon and beet salad: 114mg absorbable calcium per serving.
If you prefer Sentence 2, you’ll love the Cheat Sheets in our new Member's Area.
The Cheat Sheets are user-friendly guides to common Paleo health topics. They bridge the gap between information and action, by translating what you know into what you can do. 
Some Cheat Sheets focus on specific nutrients – like calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K2 – from the perspective of the kitchen, not the lab. You’ll get references to real-world measurements and servings of actual recipes on the site: think less “100 grams” and more “the size of your palm.” 
Other Cheat Sheets simplify confusing topics into understandable quick-reference charts. For example, you’ll never be confused about deceptive meat labeling again with our handy visual guide showing exactly what labels you should look for. 
Even better, Paleo Leap members get to weigh in on the subjects of future Cheat Sheets. So if you have a nagging Paleo question, join the Members’ Area and ask about it on the forums – you might just get a professionally illustrated guide for your answer!


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